2016 in pictures

Here’s what 2015 on Instagram looked like:

2015 on Instagram

365 days, 365 pictures with my phone.

Just the quest to post one picture a day made me travel, be present and notice things around me. It connected me to people that I hadn’t talked to in a while. Whenever I looked back, it reminded me that life isn’t as bad as I think. In fact, it’s beautiful. Didn’t expect any of it.

2016 was about better pictures. The “a picture a day” rule means sometimes you post a pictures that you don’t really love. With a beginner camera with kit lens and the phone, this was 2016:

2016 on Instagram

Still love clouds, birds and sunsets. Long way to go but I had fun and learned a few things.

2015: a picture a day, 2016: better pictures. What should 2017 be about?